“To Feel” – Original Artwork

“To Feel” – being an empath/creative type/highly sensitive person/INFP I go through a roller coaster of regular emotions quite frequently and feel things very intensely. This image conjures something of the beauty and chaos of this, I think. The weirdness also. It can be quite overwhelming and inspiring and certainly interesting with so much always floating around in my mind.

Started as a sketch in an art pad and over a great length of time, came to evolve slowly (probably over at least a few years) as I felt inspiration to work on it (among jillions of other artworks I also work sporadically on). Finally finished (or forced myself to accept as well enough) in 2016. First prints made for Etsy in 2017.

Materials: Copic Marker, Acrylic Paint, Ink, Colored Pencil, Permanent Marker

The original will likely never be sold since it’s certainly not archival and is actually layered over the same original art pad page. A LOT of layering and building up and correcting and experimenting.

Purchase a print: “To Feel” Print Options from

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