“Panda Prophecy” Hand carved/printed linoleum block

Above: Hand-printed on watercolor paper with Speedball water-based block-printing ink. Then hand-painted embellishments in gold acrylic and ink.


Below: Hand-printed, no embellishment, matted and framed.



Below: An earlier version of the carving printed on a textured cardstock.



Below: Hand-carved linoleum block for hand-printing. Carving date: April 2013. Tool: Speedball linoleum carving tool (with interchangeable carving blades of various sizes). This was one of the first lino carvings I made, and the result was quite different than the original in terms of the detail work due to errors and corrections in the carving process (of course I would pick a design heavy on the hardest element to carve well, circular designs and details). The design itself was adapted to fit and fill the size of the block itself.


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