“Senscycle” “Senses” Original Artwork (Working) 2014-2018

Update: Title rename (let’s see how long this one sticks) combining Senses and Cycle. And also sounding reminiscent of the word “nonsensical” which is nearly always appropriate for me…

July 2018 – Submitted this beauty for a contest for the art magazine Beautiful Bizarre, but didn’t win 😦  Did do a great amount of work on it to prep for submission but I still feel it’s unfinished and hopefully will continue to evolve and improve with my skills and abilities.

Started 7/5/2014 – Dimensions: 20″ x 24″ – ‘live’ paint at a nightclub show in Akron. Evolved from a composite of two separate concept sketches of mine (see below). Worked on in spurts and periods since it’s creation. I’d like to see it in a gallery one day, and make prints of it to sell once it’s finished. Acrylic, watercolor, ink, and collage bits of my own artworks made with copic marker, colored pencil, ink, graphite. Represents something of the intensity of senses, especially as an HSP and empath. Still not 100% on title (Senses).

Excerpt from original blog entry: “Working Title(s): On Feeling in Flow  (I don’t know if it’ll stay that, though…profound titling can be difficult); perhaps I’ll call it after myself: E/INFP-HSP (Briggs-Meyers personality type + highly-sensitive/empathic type person) since it’s certainly an abstract composition of symbolic elements in representation of visualized approximations of my inner churnings and burnings.”

(Below – original concept sketches)


(Below – early stages/ process photos of artwork. First – earliest photo; result after the live paint event in 2014. Second – midway point of progress, likely mid-to late 2015).




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