2017. Watercolor background. Hand-carved octonaut (linoleum) printed onto page and gone over with shiny white acrylic. Octonaut concept from a sketch of mine done on a notecard back in 2013. Might make into a greeting card…Alternate name: “What do octopus see when they trip?” or “Acidpus”.


“Koffee” Mug Gift

Hand-painted mug – adaptation of a design concept seen online mixing “coffee” and the Pokemon “Koffing”. Ceramic paint. Made for my brother’s birthday. August 2017.

“To Feel” – Original Artwork


“To Feel” – being an empath/creative type/highly sensitive person/INFP I go through a roller coaster of regular emotions quite frequently and feel things very intensely. This image conjures something of the beauty and chaos of this, I think. The weirdness also. It can be quite overwhelming and inspiring and certainly interesting with so much always floating around in my mind.

Started as a sketch in an art pad and over a great length of time, came to evolve slowly (probably over at least a few years) as I felt inspiration to work on it (among jillions of other artworks I also work sporadically on). Finally finished (or forced myself to accept as well enough) in 2016. First prints made for Etsy in 2017.

Materials: Copic Marker, Acrylic Paint, Ink, Colored Pencil, Permanent Marker

The original will likely never be sold since it’s certainly not archival and is actually layered over the same original art pad page. A LOT of layering and building up and correcting and experimenting.

Purchase a print: “To Feel” Print Options from Crated.com


Early stages of creation:

To Feel Early Draft

Tyranid Collage Poster

A gift for my brother’s birthday – his first 40k army was Tyranids, and I fondly remember sitting around with everyone and helping to paint them, watch battles, and take amusement in the lore/backstories and “flavor text” for the various factions. Since he is practical, his abode is thus sparse and could use an epic poster – especially one custom-made for him by his ‘delightful’ sister. So I gathered a bunch of images from online and among his books and collection and put together a collage in Photoshop, then had it printed and framed! Below is the poster image itself (minus mat and frame):


I painted a large wolf…

Well, larger than most other things I have custom painted up to this point. He was a Halloween decoration – plaster or something rather fragile-ish (bits of it sort of chip off the bottom sometimes). I painted him with acrylic paint (and holy crap did it take a lot longer than I anticipated…granted the ink shadowing didn’t work on him the way it does on the smaller figures so that set things back…) Hopefully making a plan AHEAD of time will speed things up in future endeavors – though I guess that won’t account for trial-and-error scraps of plans…Anyway I think he turned out rather well at this increment of decided completion, and I really like how his back details turned out with the paint shade layering for his fur. Also worth noting that being plaster or whatever and not a high quality material/expensive perfect statue, there was a lot of pitting and/or flaws to work around and try to mask with my painting work. But he’s quite lovely and I wouldn’t mind painting another something large sometime.

“Senses” Original Artwork (Working) 2014-2016


Started 7/5/2014 – Dimensions: 20″ x 24″ – ‘live’ paint at a nightclub show in Akron. Evolved from a composite of two separate concept sketches of mine (see below). Worked on in spurts and periods since it’s creation. I’d like to see it in a gallery one day, and make prints of it to sell once it’s finished. Acrylic, watercolor, ink, and collage bits of my own artworks made with copic marker, colored pencil, ink, graphite. Represents something of the intensity of senses, especially as an HSP and empath. Still not 100% on title (Senses).

Excerpt from original blog entry: “Working Title(s): On Feeling in Flow  (I don’t know if it’ll stay that, though…profound titling can be difficult); perhaps I’ll call it after myself: E/INFP-HSP (Briggs-Meyers personality type + highly-sensitive/empathic type person) since it’s certainly an abstract composition of symbolic elements in representation of visualized approximations of my inner churnings and burnings.”

(Below – original concept sketches)


(Below – early stages/ process photos of artwork. First – earliest photo; result after the live paint event in 2014. Second – midway point of progress, likely mid-to late 2015).



(blog post link: https://hollyzezu.com/2016/04/18/maybe-my-greatest-so-far/ )