Maybe my greatest so far…

Working Title(s): On Feeling in Flow  (I don’t know if it’ll stay that, though…profound titling can be difficult); perhaps I’ll call it after myself: E/INFP-HSP (Briggs-Meyers personality type + highly-sensitive/empathic type person) since it’s certainly an abstract composition of symbolic elements in representation of visualized approximations of my inner churnings and burnings.

Largest image is most recent. Top right is earliest photo taken (result after the live paint event) in 2014, and bottom right is a midway point of progress, likely mid-to late 2015).

Dimensions: 20″ x 24″

Acrylic, watercolor, ink, graphite, and collage bits of my own artworks.

Started in late 2014 at a live paint at a nightclub show in Akron. Evolved from a composite of few separate drawings from my sketchbook (I’ll upload those also here shortly). Mostly worked on in spurts (not steadily or consistently until more recently). I’d like to see it in a gallery one day, and make prints of it to sell once it’s finished.

UPDATE: Original art sketches that were combined into the final above:

Drawings: Notecards and Geometry

These drawings (done on standard note cards) represent some of my earliest experiments with form, line, geometric figures, and how to structure and fill compositions. If I had finished them all and say, published an art show or something, I would have called it “Geo-Safari”, and thus it would have shared a name with the first piece created:

  1. “Geo-Safari”  2. “GeoRaptor”  3. Original note card drawing of the artwork eventually adapted into “Madness” (though I would still like to adapt a version that fits better in this collection as I originally intended)  4. “Red-Eye”  5. “Geollyphant” 6.”GeoParrot”  7. “GeoWings”  8. “Mechnolick”  9. “Triagedy”

Most of these drawings were created with ink, graphite, acrylic paint, collaged paper, marker, and digital editing. They are in varying degrees of completion and conceptualization. I think most are from around 2013. I hope to adapt these or make something of them someday. Maybe….a gift card set? Postcards? Print sets?

Latest Work

So here is the most recent art thing I have worked on (on other words, the last artistic endeavor of mine I have touched or made progress on…I typically have…a million things working at once). It’s pencil, ink, marker, colored pencil in one of my larger sketchbooks. As with most of my work, finishing is harder for me than starting, and requires more applied intent, design-mindedness, and thought than the typical beginnings of works that are much more…flowing and random, spurred by emotion and motion (of my hand making the lines and that) and feel and experiment. And then it sort of takes form or starts to shape into something and builds.

It doesn’t have a title or anything yet, and I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but here it is, out into the world to see where it goes or what it might become (just like how it was born…d’aww).

This is atypical of me in that I usually try to start from the beginning with my work, or add it all at once and be all thorough and whatnot, posting to all the various sites I have some sort of presence on (DeviantArt, Behance, Facebook, etc.) but for now I will be happy with my post here happening and the future potential of links and plan to post the final version to those sites. It makes me anxious to think that someone might see something I’ve made and not be able to find a nice coherent and complete site to peruse, but I’ll get there. Maybe I should make a watermark for my images next?