2017. Watercolor background. Hand-carved octonaut (linoleum) printed onto page and gone over with shiny white acrylic. Octonaut concept from a sketch of mine done on a notecard back in 2013. Might make into a greeting card…Alternate name: “What do octopus see when they trip?” or “Acidpus”.


First Etsy Listing!

My first Etsy listing in my very own shop has (finally) been made:

“Panda Prophecy” – ¬†hand-carved and pulled linoleum block print – small size

Panda Prophecy, Original Linocut Hand-Pulled Print, Small Print

also a hand-painted embellished version – in the featured photo (and more color variations to come!):

My shop (still in the works, kinda bare, but progress, right??): https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtByHolliBel

Still need a new name to replace all the Hollibels though. Just doesn’t feel like a good fit.