Artist Trading Card & Mini Artworks

(Below)  “GeoElephant” Little elephant illustration on an artist trading card. Watercolor, ink, acrylic, and edits/corrections in Photoshop. Summer 2013.


(Below) “Pride” skeletal lion painting on artist trading card (mounted to red card stock). Acrylic paint, watercolor, and ink. Done around 2010/2011 best estimate. Original given framed as a gift to a musician friend from Battlecross (band).


(Below) Skull with flowers on mini canvas (about 2 in tall) done in acrylic paint, likely from 2010 or earlier.


(Below) “Repose” sketch with ink and acrylic on notecard + border of decorative paper. 2010 or earlier. First ever print sale of this artwork on Society 6.


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