Commissioned Art

>> Album Art 2014: Used a seascape watercolor painting I’d done many years ago (at least as far back as 2012) for the background as it was fitting with working concept for the album art that the musician had in mind. He then selected from among my drawings and concepts the sea witch, for me to develop for the cover. The ink drawing was then scanned and everything was compiled in Photoshop. Added color to the drawing digitally, and worked closely with the musician on the font and placement for the title and text elements.


(Below) – “Sea Witch” Inked version of drawing adapted from a more basic draft/concept sketch of mine.



>> Commissioned album art featuring a requested character, “Mr Buckley” for a dark trance/electro music release. October 2014.


Done in Photoshop on top of scanned image of original concept sketch (below).

Original sketch: albumCoverSketchwebsize

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