First Etsy Listing!

My first Etsy listing in my very own shop has (finally) been made:

“Panda Prophecy” –  hand-carved and pulled linoleum block print – small size

Panda Prophecy, Original Linocut Hand-Pulled Print, Small Print

also a hand-painted embellished version – in the featured photo (and more color variations to come!):

My shop (still in the works, kinda bare, but progress, right??):

Still need a new name to replace all the Hollibels though. Just doesn’t feel like a good fit.


What’s in a Name

One of the things I have struggled with over the past few years is coming up with a good, solid, consistent way to represent myself – most notably, what should I use as my artist name? My legal name(s) aren’t really much to write home about, or particularly memorable or striking, not to mention not any more personally identifying than their intrinsic value. I want something that suits me, that feels right when I say it, when I see it written, that I can adapt (as I do with all nicknames and monikers, and words in general) but still always return to. It has to describe or at least have the feel, the temperament, the mood of me and thus, my art (which is very much an extension of myself in that almost all of it is self initiated and influenced and driven only by my impulses and interests).

For a long time I have played with variations on them (from Holly I got Hollibel, which I used for a bit, but it just doesn’t seem quite right. Not the right tone. Too light perhaps?) and developed initials, signatures, all sorts of things but nothing sticks or feels like…”aha this is it”. Then I experimented with “Hollow” (Holly + W from one last name) or Holloh (said the same, but also a palindrome) but the word itself just wasn’t a proper fit for always. So for now I’ve got Holly Zezu, a shortening of my legal name, which is at least functional in that it won’t go obsolete, is unique enough, and mildly fun while still identifying and accurate. But the endeavor will persist, I’m sure, until I find something that really fits, something that can embody and represent my creative talents and who I am and can be as an artist, without the failings and/or shortcomings of the rest of my identity necessarily included.

My Pinterest

There is an exception to every rule, and Pinterest is mine in terms of regularity and frequency: I spend way too much of my time looking at images (art, reference, inspiration, really anything…) and systematically cataloging them for my future reference (and my o.c.d) so Pinterest has come quite naturally to me. And spared my poor hard drive from further overabundance of saved galleries. I’ve been trying to limit saving to the images I really love (it’ll still be in the thousands) and using Pins and boards instead to store and sort my compulsive image rifling.


I’ve managed to attract over 1,000 followers on Pinterest (awww yeaa) just by doing my image thing (in other words, not trying to gain followers or any such, just using the site almost purely for my own personal image obsessions). So if you want to get an idea of even a partial scope of my ranging interests and fancies, that’s a good place to start. I’ve got almost 40 thousand pins over 135 boards, organized based on genre (horror, dark, weird art, fantasy, illustration, design, etc), reference (photos, techniques, clothing, weapons, digital assets, etc), interest (stuffed animals, books, toys, creatures), life-use (lifehacks, exercise and health etc), and boards for my own art and those of my favorite artists. There’s also one called “My Brand of Odd” which has pins that I feel best resonate with who and how I am, things I like or am likely to appreciate or create myself, and general inclinations.

Over time, I intend to maybe sort through and caption things myself (I often just…rapidly process and sort and repin without adding or changing the text) and make sure things are referenced and credited correctly, working links, not duplicates, fix mis-pins, etc and generally make things neater. I also have a folder of things to pin (which I can then delete from my hard-drive) and I’d like to make sure my personal image collection is fully represented on there as well….it’ll be a constant working battle with the sheer number of images but if it’s going to be my escapey world habit and mind calming vice, I might as well let others benefit from the collection as well!