Gold Dragons

In addition to painting my own work, I also like to customize thing like figures, miniatures, storage containers, etc. The dragon figure above is a custom-painted huge gold dragon Dungeons and Dragons miniature, from the tabletop game. I first posted this on my Behance site (LINK: ) with the following description:

“Repaint of the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Tabletop game figure, the Huge Gold Dragon. 2012. Personal project – I used to play D&D minis, and this piece was a frequent staple of my warband. The original/as-is painting of the piece, out-of-the-box did not do the creature justice, and was shabby, bland, and imprecise.”

So…that’s another thing I do. I’ve had a reasonable amount of experience painting various figurines, minis, warhammer 40k army pieces, boxes, photo frames, etc. Requires a small brush, a steady hand, a bright light, and a tolerance to going cross-eyed every now and again.

Back in high school, I painted a Gold Dragon on my D&D binder:

Fantasy and role playing games and books and whatnot have been a good source of inspiration and wonder-generation. I especially love the Monster Manuals with all the different beasts and creatures and their descriptions, stories, history, traits, etc. and illustrations.

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