Old Site: Well as Might

So I guess I’ll link to my original site (designed and made by me in college) that I don’t really keep up because, as I have discovered, I am an artist and not a web master (maybe in another life…) and keep neglecting to update and re-code and this and that. I just want to make my artwork, and I can hardly reasonably expect myself to keep up on best practices and current technology, making all the assets and sizing, linking, etc. I’ll be impressed if I can manage regular posting for now.

Original Site (functioning web portfolio): ahh well look they’ve finally taken it down (limited time-availability hosting for student sites) after an extra 2 years of service. I suppose I’ll have to upload images of the design and the art will come soon. Wonder if and what I may do with this website design I spent to much time tweaking…I especially like the color-change on mouse-over page buttons. If I can figure out a good way to do it, I’ll upload the working site and code and that so it can be appreciated.

Toodles til’ next time.


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