Old Site: Well as Might

So I guess I’ll link to my original site (designed and made by me in college) that I don’t really keep up because, as I have discovered, I am an artist and not a web master (maybe in another life…) andĀ keep neglecting to update and re-code and this and that. I just want to make my artwork, and I can hardly reasonably expect myself to keep up on best practices and current technology, making all the assets and sizing, linking, etc. I’ll be impressed if I can manage regular posting for now.

Original Site (functioning web portfolio): ahh well look they’ve finally taken it down (limited time-availability hosting for student sites) after an extra 2 years of service. I suppose I’ll have to upload images of the design and the art will come soon. Wonder if and what I may do with this website design I spent to much time tweaking…I especially like the color-change on mouse-over page buttons. If I can figure out a good way to do it, I’ll upload the working site and code and that so it can be appreciated.

Toodles til’ next time.


First New-Host Post

REAL first post was sabotaged by a copy-and-paste error. šŸ˜¦ It was very eloquent and thoughtfully worded. I’ve become quite discouraged about losing it, and lost most of my will to try to recreate my self-summary, hopes, and intentions. I’m sure they will crop up later or inadvertently manifest themselves eventually.

What I will reiterate: A strong recommendation to the book that encouraged me to start this page/blog on a domain of my own where I can always be found, to show my work and self as an artist and weird creative lunatic, and cultivate my passions and talents and hopefully connect with like minds. Perfect for those like me who don’t really know where to start, have a handle on their creative talent or skill but aren’t business or marketing-minded and just want to make their art. Simple and powerful advice. Book: “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon (mmm cute AND creatively brilliant…). Site: <http://austinkleon.com/show-your-work/ >

Up next: some of my art and creative endeavors. I will try to fight the urge to do everything and once and overwhelm myself out of regular posting.